Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thoughts...Marie Osmond

I have been reading Marie Osmond's "Behind the Smile: My Journey out of Postpartum Depression" and can I just say that I am really enjoying it so far. I don't feel like I have PPD, but this book is funny! She is a great writer, and I enjoy her wit and humor while divulging her innermost struggle with depression. As a Mom, everyone has their down moments and I would be lying to say I didn't. It's hard to admit - but sometimes you really do just need to cry. Thanks to a great husband and supportive family - I do thoroughly enjoy Mommy-hood.

Anyway, I recommend this book (or atleast the first 80 pages - I'll let you know when I finish it). Maybe not all Mother's can relate to everything in her life (she is an Osmond - and lets just say it - They are crazy!) but I can relate to her feelings at times.

Did I mention I met Donny once in the University Mall in Provo? My friend, Krizia, and I were at American Eagle and Donny was there outside the dressing room shopping with his son. I took a picture with him and I'll even post it - even though I look HORRIBLE!! It's ok - you guys know I am cute so I can post a bad pic just once.


Emily Blais said...

I am glad you like the book. I will need to borrow it when you are done. AND, Where was I on this Donny occasion???

breena rae said...

ah, the Donny spottings in Utah. We saw him once at Bajio. We thought we were cool pic to prove it though.

Michelle Marie Walton said...

I lookk forward to reading her Book. Cute Picture!

Hoenesclan said...

I am feeling the Osmond love emanating from your blog.

The Wacky Waltons said...

Hey there - I am Michelle Walton's sister-in-law. Your blog is cute.

I was so in love with Donny Osmond when I was younger. I wanted to marry him (but he was too old).

I noticed you had Bryce & Christina Williams on your blog list. Are they from Antioch in Northern California? We had a Williams family in our ward when we lived there. Bryce Williams was in my hubby's seminary class and he married a girl named Christina. Is that the same Williams? If so, small world!

~Pam Walton
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