Thursday, March 19, 2009

Casa Grande with Emily and baby Adam!

I am so grateful that Emily and I live close enough to still get together. Casa Grande is somewhat of a half way point between Tucson and Phoenix and it's the perfect destination. There is restaurants, some good shopping places, and this AWESOME frozen yogurt place called "BERRYGOOD." You get to make your own frozen yogurt and put yummy fresh fruit toppings on it. It was so good. We had a great time eating lunch and watching the babies interact. Charlie was really trying to figure him out. And Adam - - well let's just say I am glad he survived the experience. Hopefully we will make a habit out of this! Baby Adam is such a good baby!! Love him. It's crazy to think Charlie was little like that at one point. Baby boys are the best.
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Annelise said...

im so jealous!!! i want to come play too. erik and i are talking about the time out for women. i really want to come!! or maybe well just move to AZ, seriously.

Dave Johansen said...

You can't beat winters in Arizona (we're going swimming today), and there are still plenty of houses in beautiful Rancho Sahuarita.