Sunday, April 12, 2009

Charlie's First Easter!

We had to put all of his toys away so he would be even slightly interested in his Easter basket. But, he did warm up to the whole thing once he bit into the chocolate bunny ears from See's Candy. That was definitely a hit. Inside his basket was a hot wheel car, bubbles, a book about Peter Cottontail, eggs filled with gerber graduates candy/cereal, a ball, baby lotion, stuffed bunny holding a baseball, and of course that chocolate bunny.

I think it's funny he is wearing Christmas pajamas.... ;)
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Emily Blais said...

Okay, the fact that he is wearing Christmas pj's cracked me up! I noticed it right off...I would :) He is SO SO SO CUTE!!!

Lynn said...

Oh my gosh I miss Char was so fun watching him eat his chocolate bunny ears. =)

Laurel said...

Lincoln has the same pjs that he wears pretty much every night. I love them. I hope he does, too.