Monday, April 6, 2009

What did we do last month?

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Lesisurely watched conference, went swimming, played with Bryson, watch Charlie stand momentarily and also take his first steps, plant citrus trees in our backyard, watch as Charlie practically jumps in Daddy's car when he pulls in the driveway after work, went shopping, painted ceramic pieces with my niece Coralee, read stories, dye easter eggs with cousins, loan Carter my sweatshirt, find Charlie in odd places, feed him oranges and watch his funny faces...etc.

All these fun things, but generally if you ask me what I did on any given day, I would tell you that I did nothing. I guess this IS something. Next time you ask, I'll try to be more specific and tell you that I am re-wrapping the toilet paper roll that I've found strewn across the floor.


Mindy Burns said...

LOVE him shopping for shorts! You're training him well! Email me the pic of Carter in the sweatshirt! Too cute! Charlie and Carter have the same swim shirt- they'll love that! Can't believe he's going to be 1 in 2 weeks!

Julie said...

I love the picture of Charlie in his pool floaty - so cute. Holy Cow, I have rolled up TP so many times too!

Annelise said...

love it. isnt it funny how life changes with a little one?

Lynn said...

I gave up rolling TP ...I remember having a brown paper bag next to the toliet (it held all the unrolled TP)
We hid it when guests arrived they got to use the good unrolled TP!