Sunday, July 19, 2009

Adventures in Parenting

Every kid is different, but I guess the one thing they all share is that they will always surprise you in both good and bad ways. Two nights ago was one of those more bad (scary is probably the better word) than good experiences, but I guess that the bright side is that it means that Charlie is a fun and adventurous kid that's growing well. Anyway, onto the story.
Charlie's not the best napper, but he's usually GREAT about going down at night. He's been drooling like mad the last few days, so we think that he's teething and when we put him down on Friday night, he was crying. We decided that it was just going to take him a few minutes to fall asleep and we were doing our best to ignore his crying (it stresses me out and I usually don't handle it well). Then we heard a loud thud in his room and Jenni rushed over to see what happened. I assumed that he had knocked the top off of his changing table, and when Jenni opened the door, she pointed and said, "Yep!" I thought, "oh man it probably broke the door off of the changing table or something" (which might have been better than what happened), but then Charlie came walking out of the room. He had crawled over the top of his crib and dropped down onto the floor. And then when he walked into our room the next morning, we knew that something had to be done ASAP.

We had already lowered Charlie's crib down to its lowest setting, so there wasn't much we could do to make it so he couldn't crawl out anymore. But when Jenni was pregnant, we had visited our friends, Bryce and Christina, and they had the same problem with a climbing kid and had solved it by getting a crib tent. We decided that we needed to go get one. But it turns out that the Baby's R Us in Tucson doesn't carry them, so we got the little guy a PeaPod (basically a fancy cage with a cute name). We were ready to put it in his crib and just let the little guy learn to sleep in it, but then after Jenni talked to her Mom about it, we couldn't get thoughts of Charlie rolling around his crib in this little pod thing out of our head. So we decided to go the "make his crib a bed" route and have him learn to sleep in a bed like a big kid.
He obviously didn't like the idea of being locked in his room last night, but the 15 minutes of crying was much better than the 45 minutes to an hour that I had geared myself up for. After he was asleep for a little while, Jenni checked on him and he was crashed in the middle of the floor with his blanky. We then moved him onto his bed before we went to sleep and I was dumb enough to try taking a picture (he wasn't a fan of when I turned on his lamp), but fortunately he went back to sleep after a few minutes of Jenni rocking him.
So you might think that the adventure ends there, but then this morning we woke up to him crying. I thought that he might of rolled off the bed, but I figured that if he had done that that he would have come bolting into our room, so I went and checked. I could hear him crying but I couldn't see him anywhere. After some searching, I realized that he was under his crib. His head was sticking out the back and he had gotten stuck underneath. I had to wiggle him loose and then slide him back out the front. He was too happy about the experience but cheered right up once he realized we were going to get his milk. I guess the one thing that we can say is that the whole experience has definitely been fun and interesting.


Carlson said...

Wow you guys are really having a time with this! I can't believe he was stuck under the bed...

Dave Johansen said...

Fortunately, it's getting better. This morning he happily trotted out of his room to wake us up.

Lynn said...

You guys are doing a great job! Isn't being a parent fun!