Saturday, July 18, 2009

6 things that make me HAPPY!!!

Mindy tagged me, so here goes.

1. Getting a great parking spot. I would say that I can usually get a good one. I drive around way too long - so eventually something always works out for me. Unless I'm with Dave who is saying things like - - WE COULD ALREADY BE IN THERE....I'm always like - Have Some Faith, Grumpyhead!

2. When Charlie cuddles up with me and just hangs out to talk or sing songs. Usually just once a day, but I love it.

3. Having clean floors. I am better at mopping than vacuuming. I mop a couple times a week. I vacuumn--------right before you come over - sometimes. But it's a great feeling when it's all done because that usually means the rest of the house is clean too.

4. Fridays off every other week! I love when Dave has off-Fridays. It gives us extra time to spend and Charlie and I LOVE that. Lately, we've spent them working on our backyard - but even still it's just nice to have him home an extra day.

5. Staying on the budget. I'm always super happy and proud of myself when I spend less than I have. There really is beauty in budgeting, as I was once told.

6. A great massage.

I tag Kristin, Kali, and Emily B.

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