Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Feed Me!

One of the most amazing tools on the web is the centralization of information using "feeds". I've posted about using feeds before, but that was a while back and on my blog (which wasn't read quite as frequently as Jenni's/Our combined blog is), so I thought it was worth revisiting.

The general concept of a feed is that it makes available a list of new posts/sites/information and then a program/site can grab a series of feeds and show you what's new on the websites you care about. It's an amazingly powerful tool and allows you to spend time reading new posts on blogs/websites instead of spending time checking them all to see what's new.

I personally like Google Reader (here's a getting started guide) because it's online and accessible from any computer, but there are TONS of different readers out there and browser worth using has built in support for them (but I don't like how browsers don't keep an "unread list" for you).

So if you haven't yet, start playing with them and experience the wonderful world of feeds (there are even feeds for the comments, so you always know who's commented on your posts).

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