Monday, October 26, 2009

Kenny Comes To Visit

My 2 big brothers who love taking pictures. I tried to get them to each kiss me on the cheek but I was rejected.

On Friday night we all went out to Johnny Rockets for dinner near the U of A.

Saturday was "my day" with Kenny and we had fun doing some Christmas shopping at the mall, hit up Costco for some free samples, tried to find a flu shot at a few pharmacies (no luck), and took Charlie to the pet store (inside the mall). Kenny tried to convince me that Charlie needs a puppy. Maybe in a few years.

It was lots of fun to have UNCLE Kenny visit. The next morning after Kenny left, Charlie came in my room and put his hands up and said "Un-cle?" He really had fun with him. Thank-you for coming, Kenny. We had fun having you. Come again.


Hoenes Family said...

Sounds like fun.......but I couldn't see any pics.

Jenni Johansen said...

Dave fixed it

djzmcallister said...

I love the collage I just might have to do one.

kennyb said...

i had fun... nice pics-- and you do need to get a little doggy... you have the perfect backyard for one!