Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Time Out For Women!

My BFF Emily (who lives in Phoenix) and I have been planning for almost a year to go to Time Out For Women. Our other "club" members really missed out. 2 of them recently had babies and the other member is in Australia petting a kangaroo. We missed them but we like to keep club meetings alive even in their absence. Hopefully they can come next year!

The speakers were great. My favorites were Jon Bytheway and Brad Wilcox. I also enjoyed listening to Jenny Oaks Baker (violinist and apparently also a comedian). She was trying to introduce her next song and this is how it went - - - "What's the scripture again....Be still something? Gosh, it's my favorite and I am totally spacing it." Luckily someone from the audience threw her a lifeline saying it's Be Still My Soul. That was just one of the funny things she said. She cracked me up. Maybe you had to be there. She's probably a better violinist than public speaker.

I took notes in my cute notepad from Em-O. Brad Wilcox told great stories revolving around the theme "If you can laugh at it, you can live with it." Wonderful lessons. He read an awesome story about a Sunbeam teacher that I had heard once before but it was funnier to hear him tell it. Sunbeams is definitely a calling that requires a sense of humor. Jon Bytheway told a great story about a man named Zens Cush (sp?). He saved a mans life while mountain climbing and the man was unsure how to thank him. He asked, "how do you thank someone who just saved your life?" Jokingly he asked, "Do you buy them a slurpee on the way home?" No, you remember them, you always remember them. Honor them. He linked that idea to the sacrament prayer we hear every week when it says "and always remember him." It reminded me what I need to do to show gratitude for the atonement and was very touching and strengthening to me.

Emily and I did some mandatory shopping (at Last Chance of course). We both love to rummage for a good deal. She then took me to a great fabric store called SAS I think. Such great deals there. We also did a fun craft - Halloween Wreaths for our front doors. Emily and I wanted everything to be sparkly, and so glitter was everywhere. Not the easiest to clean up, but it was better than the last time we used glitter. That's another post. Thanks Casey for putting up with that!

Oh and we ate way too much! Of course.

Thanks for a fun weekend, Emily!


Emily Blais said...

Wow Jenni, good to see you posting! Great re-cap of the good speakers. Glad you made the trip up! It was SO FUN!

Krizia Kirchhausen said...

i'm sad i missed it jenni! i wish i could have been there but the kangaroo really needed some petting! lol.. miss you guys! hope to come visit soon.