Friday, October 9, 2009

Being "Productive"

Well, Jenni is at Timeout for Women and I was going to go to the ward campout, but Charlie was having a bit of a melt down, so I decided against trying to get him to sleep in a tent. But if you haven't noticed, I really like pictures and we often post a lot of pictures of Charlie, so I figured that I would do a slight change up and post a picture of Charlie that is a mosaic of a bunch of pictures of Me and Jenni. It's interesting to see all the things that Jenni and I have done together over the past 7 years as tiny images that makeup a larger picture of the 3 of us.
...or maybe I'm just a little too into pictures.

Oh and for anyone interested in doing the same type of thing, I got all of the pictures of me and Jenni using the Picasa name tags and then created the mosaic using AndreaMosaic.


Hoenes Family said...

Yep, pretty sure you love to take pictures :) I don't know that Taylor and I would have enough of the last 6 years to cover our family pic! What a cool thing!

PatrickandErica said...

So cool!