Monday, October 5, 2009

We swear he's getting thinner

Sometimes we get funny looks when we tell people that Charlie is getting thinner, but thanks to Picasa's new face tagging I created this collage. Jenni and I thought it was interesting to see how thin he was early on (the first row), then started to chunk up (the second and third row), and stayed chunky until about a year (the next few rows). But you can see that he's started to slim down over the last few months. Yes, we know he's still built like a linebacker, but he is starting to look more toddlerish and it's just so cute to watch his little left arm pump when he gets running.
In other recent happenings, we went to the Biosphere a little while back with the Lewises. It probably wasn't the most little kid friendly experience, but us adults found it interesting. The rain forest room was pretty cool, but we were only in it for a minute or so, and the exit room with the huge wind from the pressurization was probably worth the admission on its own (well, at least the half price admission that Patrick and Erica's coupon hooked us up with).
We also took Charlie to the zoo this past Friday. It was the first time that he actually realized that there were animals and it was tons of fun. He tried feeding the giraffe for a second before he got scared and loved feeding the ducks (he even tried the food), but we'll have to post the cute videos of him later.
And here is the final set of random pictures from the last month. We discovered that Charlie HATES costumes (as evidenced by the crying monkey pictures) and that he LOVES tools (as evidenced by him "fixing" my bike). We definitely need to move my tools because he's learned where the screwdrivers and hammers are and always grabs one to help me when I'm in the garage. He's also continuing the Burns tradition of loving clothes/shoes, and has started his Mr. Independence phase complete with freak outs and starting up the bath when Mom and Dad aren't looking (which has instituted the locked bathroom policy in our house).
As always, he's a cute little kid and we have tons of fun with the little guy.

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