Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas 2009

Jenni and I have been married for almost 7 years and this was the first year that we decided to stay home for Christmas. Yesterday, while we were putting the last decorations on the tree, Jenni made the comment that being here made all the decorating and preparation feel a little more worth it, and I would have to agree. We've had lots of fun preparing for the big day and attending all of the fun events leading up to it. So here's the run down of some of the fun things we did (with links to the pictures, if you want to see them).
You could say that the season began right after Thanksgiving. Charlie got all dressed up in his new Winter Church outfit and wasn't happy to see Grandma and Grandpa Johansen leave. But a few days later we got all bundled up and checked out the Lights at the Zoo (it's technically called Zoo Lights, but there wasn't a single animal in sight and so I think "Lights at the Zoo" is a more fitting name). (PWA, Facebook)
Then Jenni talked me into dressing up as Santa when we went over to the Iversons' house. I was still a little nervous about the whole thing and didn't do the best job of being jolly and disguising my voice, and I'm sure I could do a better job next time (I guess that means that Jenni won't have to do as much convincing next time). But everyone had lots of fun taking pictures on Santa's lap. (PWA, Facebook)
Rancho Sahuarita also put on a little Christmas event down by the lake. It had lots of fun things for kids to do, but most of them were still outside of Charlie's interest level. However, they did have a train (which Charlie LOVES to ride on) and a Santa giving out candy (who Charlie likes to give bumps to, but HATES sitting on his lap). (PWA, Facebook)
Then we had a group over on Christmas Eve for dinner, a white elephant gift exchange (in which I "won" a game back that Jenni and I gave away in another gift exchange a year or so ago - I felt a little jipped), and a special appearance by Santa (which this time was played by Brian). All of the kids had lots of fun getting gifts from Santa and shooting the dart guns that Brian and Mindy got everyone. The only hiccup during the event was when Charlie puked all over the floor in the front room. He had kept crawling up on the table and eating hershey's kisses and one time one of them went down a little funny and I guess the rest of them decided that they wanted to join the party and that Charlie's stomach was not the place to be. But in true Charlie fashion, he got a drink of water and started scrounging for more candy. (PWA, Facebook)
And finally, the big event, Christmas Morning. Charlie's old enough to recognize Santa but still not old enough to realize what Christmas is, so we were able to actually get him to sit down and eat before opening his presents. When he first walked in he wasn't sure what to think, but after a bit he made his way over to the car that Grandma Lynn got him and made himself right at home. It took some coaxing to get him to open all his presents (he kept wanting to play with things he had already opened), but we eventually made it through and had lots of fun in the process. I think that everyone would have guessed that the Cozy Coupe was his favorite present, but Jenni and I were both surprised that the box of Charlie Brown band-aids was his next favorite present. Kids, go figure. (PWA, Facebook)
So that's the story of our Christmas season. We have had lots of fun and hope that all of you are having a great Holiday Season and that you are enjoying this wonderful time of year.

Here are some videos from this morning:

Charlie checking out his presents for the first time.

Charlie's still warming up to the idea of Elmo moving on his own.


Lynn said...

I love my grandson he is so cute and what a great personality.

Annelise said...

i am dying over the elmo video. i laughed so hard.

that little charlie is sooo adorable!! i love his christmas jammies.