Thursday, January 21, 2010

Last bit of Sedona

So I posted about the beginning of our adventures in Sedona, then Jenni posted about the Grand Canyon and our shopping trip, and this is the wrap up of what we did in Sedona. There are lots of Indian ruins in the area and we went to the Palataki Indian Ruins (a little south of Sedona). We got there and were surprised to see that it was snowing and quite a bit colder than we expected. Jenni commented that each of our activities had had some sort of unexpected twist, and I'd have to agree that she was right. I guess it just added to the excitement and made Charlie a little tougher. The poor little guy was shivering like crazy on the way back to the car, so I guess rubbing chapstick all over your face, playing with snow, and digging in the dirt don't keep a little kid as warm as he might expect.
So then on the way back we made a pit stop in Phoenix to see Casey, Emily, and Adam. It's crazy to see how much the two little kids have grown up so fast (I think the last time I had seen Adam was when he was less than a month old). We stopped and grabbed some burgers at a local eatery and then made a mandatory stop at Last Chance. I spent most of the time chasing Charlie around the store, but in the middle of all the fun he walked up to this bench said "piture" and then sat on it and said "cheese". He's such a little cornball.
So all in all we had a great time and did lots of exciting things. It was lots of fun to get together with all of my family and Charlie had a ball with all the extra attention. Hopefully, we'll be able to do it all again sometime soon.

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