Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busting out the moves

Jenni already posted about the trip to the Grand Canyon and as she mentioned Charlie loved the singing on the train ride. He even busted out the dance moves all on his own, and it had us all laughing.

He was first working on reading his book, but then decided to put the crayon away so he could start wiggling and dancing.

His next trick was to show of his little "Thumbs Up" move.

Then he really started shaking. Well, at least until he realized that everyone was watching and went back to the reading.

Fortunately, he came back for an encore and finished it off strong with the "Zombie Baby" dance. Maybe he should remake Thriller.

1 comment:

Hoenes Family said...

Those videos are hilarious. What a good dancer he is. I love the little bum wiggle in the seat.