Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Adding a little spice to nap time

So one of the "fun" parts of Charlie sleeping in a real bed is seeing what the little guy did to entertain himself before finally laying down and sleeping. Usually it consists of pulling all of his clothes out of his dresser or all the books off the shelf, but this past week there was an extra twist.
My grandparents gave Charlie a pair of full on cowboy boots and for a while he loved walking around in them, but like everything else he eventually lost interest in them. Well, one day last week, he decided to re-spark the interest.
Jenni told me that he just strolled out of his room with them (binky in hand, of course) and wouldn't take them off (can't you tell how excited he was from the picture?). And then the next morning, I heard him rustling around but waited a minute to get him out because he was being quiet. I guess that during that quiet time he pulled out his boots and slipped them on, because he strutted out in them again. It took getting in the bath to get him to finally take them off. I guess we're just lucky that the kid realizes that he needs to take his clothes off to take a bath or we might have had a bunch of wet cowboy boots that morning.

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Dan-o said...

I guess there's a little cowboy in all of us, huh? I like that he likes to wear his boots. When is he going to wear them to church? :-)