Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big Boy Bed

Rather than buy Charlie a whole new bedroom set, we repurposed the crib quilt and crib skirt to fit a twin size bed. And by "we" I mean my talented Grandma. She added the navy blue fabric around the crib quilt so it would be big enough to fit his bed and then she cut apart the crib skirt and re-organized the panels on it to make a twin size skirt on the 2 sides that show. She also made a few pillows while she was at it. It looks super cute in his room and I was able to leave the wallpaper trim and valence up that already matched which was nice. Charlie does well sleeping on his big boy bed. He tends to sleep up in the very top corner. Occasionally he will still climb out and sleep on the floor by the door though. He is really growing up! Where did our little baby go!??
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Sabrina said...

Great idea! That is so cute. Poor Adie still doesn't have the quilt for her big bed that I was supposed to have finished by now. Maybe I should have had my grandma do it too. I didn't get to talk to you much last night, but I was actually thinking when I saw you last night how much it seemed Charlie had grown up in the last little while. He's adorable!

Julie said...

Jealous!!! What a good idea!