Sunday, May 23, 2010


The hot Arizona summers are quickly approaching, so we've started heading to the pool and Charlie loves to go "fwimmin!" (Yes, there's always an exclamation point on it when Charlie says it).
Jenni has taught Charlie to be sure to bring his toes to the edge and now his favorite activity is jumping into the pool. He's also started swimming a little bit. He gets his floaties on and kicks away. I'm not sure what we did to get him to do it, if anything, but now he says "kick, kick, kick" and just starts swimming! He also closes his mouth and goes "mmmm" when he gets to the edge. Now, he just needs to remember to do that all the time while he's swimming.  He is becoming quite the little fish!  His swimming skills are getting pretty good (for a 2 year old that is).
I've never understand why the "cold" water out of the tap is so warm while the water in the pool is so cold. But this usually makes for about 25-30 minutes of swimming time for Charlie. Which is then followed by some lounging on the chair to warm up/dry off and general hanging out. Usually, we can talk him into going on the slides, but the cold water usually makes that not last too long. I guess that is the one advantage of it soon getting so hot, is that he'll be a little more in favor of splashing around in the play area.

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