Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy 7 Years!

Remember when the photographer had us do silly poses by this tree?

Remember how happy I was?  (and still am!)

And then this silly one where he told me to pretend to push you in my Grandma's pool?
So corny!

I love you 7 times more than I did that day!  ;)

Some things I LOVE about you...

1. You are SO handsome! The most handsome man I've ever seen! TRULY.
2. You are so smart - you can fix absolutely ANY computer problem.  You even fix problems I never knew we had!
3. You are a FANTASTIC Dad.  I never realized what a great father you'd be when we first got married.  You really are the best Dad around.
4. You take great care of our family - working hard each day so I can stay at home and be a Mom like I always wanted to do.  I am so grateful for that blessing.
5. You are VERY good to me! You have gotten up early with Charlie to let me sleep in so many times when I've been tired or pregnant OR just tired of being pregnant. :)
6. You run to McDonalds or Frys to buy me french fries or ice cream pretty much whenever I want.
 7. You are great at taking care of our yard - our grass pretty much always looks nice and green! (This is a major accomplishment here in AZ!)
8. You take me out on dates pretty regularly and always let me choose the restaurant.
9. You've learned where everything goes in our home and put up with my constant need to re-organize closets/bedrooms in our house.  You're also always nice and re-hang pictures and shelves if I change my mind about where they should go - even though I know you really hate that.
10. You tell me I'm pretty even when I have no make up on or my hair isn't done and I know you mean it.

And for many more reasons... I Love You MORE! ;)