Saturday, September 4, 2010

One Big Purple Family!

I had these outfits prepped and ready to go as soon as Jill would fit into this purple polka dot dress. It was originally going to be just a "girl cousin cute purple dress" thing with Jill's only girl cousin: Coralee. But then I found Dave a purple tie, which he got for Father's Day (lucky duck huh?) and I found this super 'not girly at all' purple vest for Charlie. :) I like family pictures where everyone matches.  Dave is a good sport about it - and Charlie - well he will do anything for a piece of candy.
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Kaylee said...

Did you make those dresses? So cute!

Dan-o said...

Jenni - how did you get out of wearing a purple polka dot skirt? Yeah, you all look pretty darn sharp though!

Jenni Johansen said...

oh you are so nice, no I didn't make them. I did make the over-sized flowers for our hair clips though! :) And Dan-O - If only I could find a purple polka dot skirt....I totally would've worn it. Had to settle for a purple necklace and purple hair flower.