Friday, September 10, 2010

Life at the Johansen house...

 Our happy baby Jill on this past Sunday - 10 weeks old.
 Happy Mom with her chubby baby girl.
 Our Crazy Charlie post church and post nap.  We love his hair.  It needs a trim around the ears but I really don't want to cut it.  I love his curls.
 His favorite toys are his cars.  They go with us everywhere.  Even to the potty.
 Photography by Charlie of his favorite subject: his Dad
 Charlie loves the kid apps on our iPhones
 Jill just started using the Jumperoo this week.  She is learning to love it.
Jill all dressed up and ready for the day!  Looking extra cute!

Things are busy around here.  Last weekend we built shelves in our garage.  It was a lot of hard work but we are very happy with how it turned out.  Dave is a great handy man and I am a dutiful assistant.  We got rid of lots of junk.  It felt really good to do that.

 Next weekend starts a new adventure.  Dave will be traveling for work for 5 weeks - 2 separate work trips practically back to back.  SO - I've decided to pick up and take the kidlets to LA while he is gone to visit my Mom and Grandma and lots of other family.  We won't be back until right before Halloween.  It'll be a long time to be away but I am really looking forward to it.  I will miss Dave a lot (so will another little boy I know).  But, we will be in good hands.  I haven't spent more than 2 weeks at one time in CA since I graduated high school, so I am looking forward to the extended vacation.  In between Dave's 2 work trips, he will be with us in California and we'll bless Jill then at the church I grew up in.  We also plan to hit up Disneyland as a family too.  I have to go every year.  
Something just doesn't feel right if I don't.

Anyway, I'll try to keep the blog updated while we are gone! ;)


Julie said...

We'll miss you while you're gone!

Bryce said...

Thank you Apple for the "Angry Birds" app/game. It's like giving Hudson a big swig of NyQuil!