Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tom's Farms & Visiting Uncle Kenny

We drove out to LA last Friday.  The drive was actually not so bad I thought.  I expected worse.  We only had one minor hiccup:  a penny in the cigarette lighter - wonder who did that - Charlie must have while I was packing the car. Our "quick stop" for gas ended up taking over an hour by the time everyone went potty, got snacks, replaced the lighter fuse, got a root beer float from A&W, and fed and changed Jill.  During the drive, I broke the law and nursed Jill in the front seat.  I felt so nervous about it the whole time, but it was nice to make good time... 

We spent Saturday at Tom's Farms in Corona with my Aunt Judy (my Dad's twin sister).  I thought I had gotten some pictures with Judy but I guess not!  We are going to Disneyland with them on Tuesday so I'll have to be sure to get some then.  This is her oldest son, Chad - my awesome cousin.  We used to hang out a LOT growing up.  We both had Disneyland passes and would go together all the time.  We have a similar sense of humor so we always have a great time together.  Chad is great with babies - here he is with baby Jill.

Dave's little brother, Cody, lives in San Diego and drove up to hang with us for the day too.
Tom's Farms is a fun place with a carousel, train, magic show, roasted corn, face painting, little shops, etc.  It is kind of like a mini amusement park I guess.  My Mom took Charlie on the carousel and he loved it.  I think we rode the train 3 times and I think Charlie and my Mom rode it 5.  Charlie was in heaven.
Standard Daddy behavior pictured below.
Tom's Farms also had this tractor thing with a backhoe on the front end.  Cody had fun helping Charlie with this.  Charlie is REALLY into construction stuff lately.
On Sunday morning we got all dressed up and drove to Glendora to attend church with my brother Kenny and his wife Kristy.  Here we are before we left.  Jill is 11 weeks old in this picture.
I should've taken more pictures - but I guess we were having too much fun because I didn't even think of it until we were about to leave and Jill was already buckled back in her car seat.  It's ok, I'm sure we'll see them lots more before I come home at the end of October.  Charlie went to nursery in their ward and had a great time.  After church, we spent the afternoon and evening at Kenny's house.  Kenny and Kristy have a really nice salt-water pool in their backyard so Charlie, Dave, and Kenny swam after church.  Sadie the pug also joined in the fun.  As always, Kristy made a delicious dinner for us.  It was so good.  My favorite was the 5-minute fruit salad.  We finished the night off by playing Settlers.  We gave them the game for Christmas last year and Kristy had never played.  Kenny won which made him happy.  We had apple crisp and ice cream for dessert.  It was great!


Bryce said...

Dave, I'm loving the chops, bro!

Dave Johansen said...

Sadly, they're gone. I just cut my hair and I have this bald spot between my hair and facial hair so unless my hair is pretty long it doesn't cover it up. I guess I skipped some step of puberty that was supposed to fill them in or something.