Thursday, September 30, 2010

Typical day in LA

 Most weekdays I spend with my Grandma (Charlie's Great Grandma) and her sister Deana Rae because my Mom teaches school.  My Grandma's sister lives about 5 minutes away.  They go places together everyday - and have for years.  They tend to take over and be the ones in charge of the kids.  I just take direction.  It's kind of nice to have a break.  They are really helpful.  Charlie had a pee pee accident one day while we were out.  They were right there changing his pants faster than I could get out of the car.  What do they need me for?  It was pretty funny to watch them I thought.  Charlie didn't know what hit him.  I remember being just his size when I was growing up and being tended to death just like him.  Some things never change.
 Here's a great picture of my Grandma with Jilly.
 And her with Jilly and Charlie.
 Here's Gramps.  He reads a lot these days.  The old bod' just ain't what it used to be.  He reads about 3-4 novels a week.  He always says really funny things.  Just the other day - Charlie was running around naked after his bath and I heard my Grandpa quip, "You look like a mexican with your tamale wagon!"  I couldn't stop laughing!
 My Grandma will be 75 in November but has more energy than I do.  She plays and plays with the kids all day long.  She has also helped me with some potty training trouble we've had recently.  I think we are back on track again - thanks to a jar of "poopin' candy" on the back of the toilet.  Here she is on the floor talking to Jill.
 Charlie got lucky and was able to catch a lizard for his Bug Box with the help of his Dad over the weekend.  We gave it a piece of lettuce to sit on.  We didn't keep it very long though because Charlie decided to let it go.
 On Monday, the thermostat broke an all time record in LA.  It was around 110 - the hottest day EVER recorded in the history of Los Angeles.  So hot, even Jill took a dip in my Gram's pool with my Mom.  I'm so glad I was here for the hottest day ever (I hope you can sense my sarcasm) - with that heat plus the humidity I thought I was going to die!  I ate 4 lime popsicles and we were in and out of the pool all day long to keep cool.


JennaHabes said...

Your grandpa is hilarious!

Hoenes Family said...

Love your grandpa's comment and the pics of your granny and her sister helping Charlie! Looks like you are having a great time.