Thursday, February 3, 2011

Devin & Kim's Wedding

Dave was going to write this post, but things have been busy around here.  (I guess I sould stop saying that - our lives have probably entered the permanent phase of busy-ness).  But, being busy seems like a good excuse for not blogging regularly.  To add to the normal busy-ness, Dave is now the 1st Counselor to the Bishop in our ward (started just this past Sunday).  We were both surprised by that call, but willing to serve nonetheless.  The kids have also caught the flu this week and it has been a nasty pukey/poopy one.  My washer/dryer has been going non-stop for 2 days now.  Anyway - back to the wedding - - -  Devin is Dave's (not so) little brother.  Dave and Devin "enjoy" arguing with one another about everything.  I have been privy to many of these such "discussions" over the years.  It's comical at times, and at other times a little....well....I'll just be kind and say "loud".  It's definitely loud.  But such is the way of Johansen speak.  Loud.  Needless to say, I fit right in.  OK - back to the wedding (again).

We were so excited to attend Devin and Kim's wedding in Sacramento.  Dave really does love his brother a lot despite their passionate banter.  He is actually always concerned for his brothers and sister.  He's not always super showy about it, but he always loves to tell me about the fun stories from growing up and he enjoys finding out how they are doing.  He actually initiated a weekly conference call via webcam so we can all stay in touch better.  It has been a nice tradition that we all look forward to each Sunday.  Back to the wedding again (last digression-promise).

The wedding was on December 17, 2010.  We think Kim is just great and a wonderful wife for Devin.  Her wedding theme was "princess."  Here is the cake that looked like a castle.
 This is the best picture I got of Kim in her dress.  I am sure her photographers did a better job than I did.  BUT - at least you can get the idea.  Believe me, it was beautiful!  And she looked beautiful in it!
 This is Dave's cute little sister, Danielle and her new husband - Jon.  Aren't they adorable?
 This is Cody - Devin's twin brother.  He gave a really nice toast to the cute couple.
 And here she is! The cutest flower girl.  Kim's Mom made the dress - it was SO ornate!  The detail was quite intricate and the whole dress was SUPER frilly.  Jill looked like a little babydoll.
 Devin pulled a map out and pretended to study it before he went under the dress for the garter.  What a character.
 Some more fun photos from the wedding...
 I probably should also give atleast a slight mention to Charlie's wedding antics.  He was supposed to stand on the stage quietly during the ceremony.  Ya right.  He rolled around on the floor, kicked his feet, and at one point poked his head around Devin's leg pointing at Kim and saying "Hey, that's Kim!"  It was pretty funny but I was honestly embarassed!  I contemplated going up there to grab him, but thought that would make more of a scene.  Anyway - we all look back and laugh now.  He was a cute little ring bearer.

Happy Wedding to Devin and Kim!  They are enjoying life in Utah now.  They are lucky to have Jon & Danielle so close to hang out with.  We look forward to seeing them again soon!  And the cute babies they will one day make! ;)

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Hoenes Family said...

Wow. Jill's dress is AMAZING. So pretty! Looks like a grand old time.