Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day!

Today was such a FUN day!  Last week during our weekly family night, Charlie assembled all of his Valentine's for his friends.  So, this morning I packed Charlie and Jill in the car and we set out on our deliveries.  We had around 25 Valentines to deliver, so it was a big job!  I thought Charlie would tire of it after a few houses, but he definitely loved the thrill of giving something to others.  He wanted to just keep going and going and going.  I let him do it all on his own - he would get in and out of the car all by himself and do the whole bit.  (BIG DEAL for a 2 almost 3 year old).  Occasionally, his friends would ask him to wait there while they got a Valentine they had for him.  He turned around one time and said "Mom! They have one for ME!"  He was so excited!  I think he loves Valentine's Day now as much as I do.
We only had 1 eensy weensy minor hiccup.  While he was waiting on someone's door step I started to notice that he was doing the 'pee pee dance.'  By the way he was "dancing" I could tell I didn't have very long to handle this situation.  I thought I would just run him inside once they answered the door - but at this particular house there was no answer.  So, while I was trying to think fast, Charlie (still standing on the porch mind you) started pulling his shorts down (can you imagine if they did happen to be there and open the door at this point....).  Acting fast, I flew out of the car in a mad dash as I whisked Charlie to the side of their house where he then peed on some rocks.  I kept looking behind  me to make sure no one was watching or walking by - ahh I would have been mortified.

When we got back home, the Valentine's kept arriving all day from his friends that stopped by doing their deliveries.  As one friend handed him a big paper heart, I heard Charlie say "wow that's cool!"  Charlie was a very gracious receiver and in true kid fashion was in quite a hurry to eat the candy they gave him the second we shut the door.  After a few pieces, I told him he had to stop.  Cue major temper tantrum.  I explained that if he ate too much candy he would get sick.  The temper tantrum continued.  So I asked, "Do you want to get sick?!?!"  And he cried "Yaaaaaaaaa, I want to get sick!!" "I want the candy, Mom!"  Oh brother.  I just laughed and that made him more upset.  He finally calmed down and we set his candy aside so he could enjoy some more over the next few days.

We ended the day with a fun family night where we played some silly family games like "pin the arrow on the heart", "find all the hearts around the room and put them on Dad", "Drop the clothespin in the jar", and "Dart Heart" -where we shot the dart gun at a heart-shaped bullseye.  We also discovered that Charlie knows just about all the words to "I Am A Child of God" too!  We were so impressed when he just sang the whole thing!  A good day!


Sabrina said...

You were so sweet to bring by a valentine. Adie loved it. We are still a little behind on holidays around here, but maybe we can get something to our friends for St. Patty's day since neither Christmas or Valentine's worked out for us for giving treats to friends. How fun that Charlie enjoyed delivering so much. Looks like a fun day!

Hoenes Family said...

25 Valentine's! Crazy! Love the pics of him at the doorstep. So cute! It would be totally fine if is was my rocks he peed on ;) Your FHE sounded like so much fun! Thanks for being such a great friend J-jo.

Krizia Kirchhausen said...

that is so cute and so funny about the peeing! haha.. happy valentines day! :)

PatrickandErica said...

Too fun & cute!!