Tuesday, February 22, 2011


 In January, Charlie started going to Preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  We started it as a trial at first since he is only 2 and a half - but he just LOVES it.  Each time he would come home, he'd talk all day about going back to preschool, and his teacher Mrs. Amy, and his friends - especially Jake.  His preschool had a field trip to the new Fire Station in Green Valley.  Aunt Mindy's preschool class also went so it made it extra fun to have her there too.  Here they are taking a tour of the cool trucks.
 Taking a picture with his Preschool Teacher and a real fireman!
 They gave all of the kids these cool fireman hats and some stickers.
Here's our Junior Fireman after all of his training.  He's ready!
Unfortunately he has missed almost ALL of February because he has been sick practically all month.  After intermittent puking for 10 days we discovered he actually had Giardia.  I really think he got it from swallowing some yucky hot tub water previously.  The antibiotics seemed to take immediate effect and he was feeling so much better.  Then just 2 or 3 days later (still on the antibiotics mind you) he woke up with Croup.  I took him to the pediatrician and they gave him an oral steroid which really didn't work.  The next day he still sounded HORRIBLE - very labored breathing and his cheeks were BRIGHT red.  He had laid on the couch all day long - (not like him!).  We ended up in the ER that night where he was given oxygen and a few breathing treatments and was kept until the next day.
  We also discovered he had pneumonia from the chest x-ray they did.  So, we are now on the mend from that - - I am really hoping this sickness stuff is coming to an END!  I am ready to see the outside world again.  And Charlie really wants to go back to Preschool!  ;)  Here's to March!!

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Jon & Danielle said...

I really hope the little guy is doing better. He's too cute to be sick!