Monday, March 28, 2011

Tucson Botanical Gardens: Butterfly Exhibit

 look at that lip!!

Charlie's preschool had a fun trip planned to the Tucson Botanical Gardens earlier this month.  We doubled with Aunt Mindy's preschool again for a big fun group.  They have a pretty neat butterfly exhibit that is only open like 2 months of the year I think.  You enter through double doors so none of the butterflies will escape.  The butterflies live in this gorgeous green house so it was pretty humid in there but so beautiful.  There were SO MANY butterflies - it was truly amazing I thought.  I had never seen that many all at once.  Charlie on the other hand was pretty overwhelmed by it.  I can understand why though - when we first walked in a handful of them flew right by his face and it really startled him.  He clung to me the whole time.  He kind of got into it a little bit at the end, but he spent the next few days telling us how he "didn't like the butterflies."  Jill seemed to enjoy the scenery and Mindy was able to snap some cute shots of her checking out the butterflies.

All morning while we were getting ready to go, Charlie kept telling me we were "going to see a train today!"  I kept trying to tell him that we probably wouldn't see a train at the Botanical Gardens - but that we would see lots of pretty flowers and plants,etc.  Well - I couldn't believe my eyes when we actually stumbled upon a train there!  They have a little toy train set up that runs a track through a small garden of plants in one area.  It wasn't working the day we were there - but Charlie was sure excited to see it anyway.

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Lynn said...

Love Jilly's lip why is she sad?