Friday, April 8, 2011

Uncle Kenny Comes to Visit!!

Kenny came out to visit last weekend and we had so much fun while he was here.  Him and Jill formed a special bond...she rubbed her little chubby feet all over his chin during her ride on his shoulders after dinner one night.  It was so funny - we tried to get a video of it but she had already stopped.
On Friday, Kenny came with the kids and I to the pool at the clubhouse.  He gave Charlie a little swimming lesson and floated with Jill all around the pool.  I had packed us a lunch to eat after at the picnic tables.  We enjoyed eating and visiting with my friend Erica who was also there.  Kenny and Erica had a good time talking about nutrition I think.  ;)  Did you know you can eat the whole strawberry?  
That's what Kenny said.  And the avocado seed is the most nutritious food on the earth.  
Apparently I need a very strong blender to get that goodness in me.  Learn something new everyday.
I had so much fun getting Jill all dolled up for her first big pool day.  
We also went again on Saturday.  Kristy flew in Friday night so she was able to join us for a fun day.  
I love the picture below of Jill with her 2 Burns Aunts.
On Saturday when we went swimming, Kenny, Dave and Brian had a squirt gun fight with the kids and Coralee came up with a very creative way to protect herself while she participated.  
I thought it was so funny.  She cracks me up - love her!  She's definitely a silly Burns child.
We also went bowling on Saturday at Bedroxx.  Since we have our own bowling shoes, Dave and I looked pretty intimidating at first.  But - as with many things - looks can certainly be deceiving.  We won't be winning any bowling contests anytime soon. We also ate frickles while we were there - thanks to Brian.  YuMmO!
Here's the only family group shot we got that day.  The kids earned enough tickets to buy us these awesome green plastic teeth.  It was totally worth the cost of all those tokens.
Charlie is ready for summer!  Just thought I'd throw this one in at the end - - he's definitely an AZ kid!  Hopefully he'll be floaty free by the end of the summer!
We're glad Kenny and Kristy could come out to visit.  
It's always so fun when they are here.  Come back again soon!


Lynn said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun whish I could have been their too!!

Bryce said...

Hi Donks!