Tuesday, April 19, 2011

H is for Ch-Ch-Charlie

Charlie's been really into Word World lately and he's finally moved onto the second letter of his name and whenever he sees an H, he says "Look an H. It's for Ch-Ch-Charlie." It's totally cute and always makes me smile. But anyway that's not the real point of this post. I just wanted a title that would make this post a "surprise".
So today is Jenni's birthday, and I am so grateful for having her in my life. She's lots of fun and always brings a ton of energy and pizazz that I'm very grateful for. A little while back, I read the quote from a man talking about his wife. He said, "I make the living, and she makes the living worthwhile." I loved it and I couldn't think of anything better to describe Jenni. She really does bring so much happiness and joy to my life and I'm so grateful for her.
Last week, her sister-in-law, Mindy, and some friends planned a surprise party for her. I gave them some pictures of Jenni and they made some collages that they put up. Her friend, Erica, also made a little slideshow thing from some of the pictures, and I thought it was pretty funny, so I decided to steal it and post it here. Sorry for the complete plagarism, Erica, but here's the slideshow for your viewing pleasure.
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Lynn said...

I love the slideshow!! Thanks, Dave

Devon said...

Job well done on the slideshow Erica!!! Loved the song! FUN!
What a sweet post to your wife Dave! Whats not to love about Jenni!!!