Monday, May 2, 2011

Pima County Fair April 2011

 On my birthday this year we headed to the Pima County Fair.  We were lucky to have Dave's Mom with us to join in the fun since she was here visiting that week.  We tried to get there early to get a head start on the adventure - but by the time we parked and hassled with getting everyone's parking paid for (cash only presented a minor hiccup for us), sunscreen on the kiddos, and buying our admission tickets - whilst letting Charlie pee pee on the dirt between a couple cars because he HAD to go- we were pretty much just right on time.  It still blows my mind sometimes how much longer things take when kids are involved.  We don't do anything fast around here that's for dang sure! 
 First off, we watched this cute little bird show.  Dave was picked to be a "tall volunteer" (I kind of maybe pointed at him so he'd get picked...)  for this special segment of the show where the bird dragged that little basket on a string all the way up his arm.  It was pretty impressive as well as some of the other tricks we saw.  It was obvious that this lady loves her birds! We were definitely entertained!

 After a little bit, we decided to grab a bite to eat - and went for the mondo platters of fried foods. ;) Hey- it was my birthday!  Onion, rings, french fries, a polish dog, a HUGE beef sandwich thing, etc - it was SO much food!  We definitely did not finish it all.  And, we definitely over paid for mediocre fried food!  But - fun nonetheless.  Charlie's favorite was riding the big huge slides - I did it once - but him and Dave did it over and over again.  He loved it!  Jill on the other hand just lit up when riding the carousel - she was so cute!  Overall - I really enjoyed our day at the fair - I thought it was so fun and there was SO much to do - we will definitely plan to go next year too!

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