Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pima Air & Space Museum with Grandma & Grandpa!

 On Friday, April 22nd Grandma & Grandpa Johansen graciously offered to play with the kids for the day while Dave headed to work and I went out with some girl-friends to celebrate my birthday.  They decided to take Charlie and Jill to the Pima Air & Space Museum.  So, I sent them with the camera and they came back with lots of great pictures for me to post here today! Here were some of my favorites! 

 I loved the picture of Charlie and Grandpa and then Jill and Grandpa.  So cute.  I am sure Grandma was behind the camera the whole time - so though she isn't pictured - we know she was there orchestrating everything.  Well done!  :)

It's such a special blessing for us and our children to have Grandparents that just love them as much as we do.  They definitely are building a special relationship and it's fun to watch and see develop.  Dave and I also are always appreciative of a little break every now and then.  It was refreshing to come back after a day off and see their cute little faces and hear about what a fun time they had.  Charlie is still talking about the airplanes and the "red Icee" he got there too.  A fun day indeed! THANKS!~ We love you!

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