Friday, May 6, 2011

Uppercase Living - Before & Afters - My home

I have a small blog following of family and friends who have all (mostly) visited my home at some point since we moved in 4? (wow - didn't realize it was that long already!) years ago.  It's obvious when you walk in my home that I have a love (obsession?) for Uppercase Living as it has been incorporated in nearly every room of my home.  It started with "labeling" as my brothers *lovingly* teased me about.  But, more recently moved into definite decor - so I thought I'd share some current photos of what I've been up to this past year or so with home improvements.  (I definitely put that Uppercase Living discount of mine to good use!)    I'm also doing this so I can be a part of a link party over at next week.  I'm in love with her many ideas about home decorating - so check it out if you'd like.

OK - this is our front door to our home.  The front room is half dining room, half living room.
Here is the before picture/the empty room when we moved in.

And here is a shot of the dining room portion of the room as it looked about a year ago:

And how it looks today after a flip of the mirror and the addition of some painted canvases with damasks on them (the damasks are vinyl from UL - obviously):

An up close look at the pieces on the table (glass block with vinyl from UL, vase and flowers from Pier 1, an old family photo, table runner, napkins and rings also from Pier 1):


Here's one of my favorite pieces in my house: my dandelion wall - 
here's a view of it from the front door as you walk in the house 
(that little blonde head belongs to my cute 3 year old - Charlie)

and another view from standing in the living room:

and one last one from a different angle:

One day I'd like to get some sort of entrance table or open block bookcase to go on that wall.  
For now, the dandelion holds her own. I think she can handle it.


OK - and here's my bathroom before (when we moved in):

And here is how it looks now:

 So, I love the look of this saying in my bathroom - -I know it's SUPER cheesy - 
but believe me - it is fantastic during a nice relaxing bath.

I got the bugs that are on the wall from Ross years ago - 
I knew I wanted some dimension in there since the vinyl is flat.

In all honesty, Uppercase Living really is the highest quality vinyl company out there (trust me - I've really researched this).  Their vinyl is nicer (thicker, brighter/bolder, less prone to tearing, just a great quality all around). Their products are professional (in their design, preparation, and presentation), and their customer service has rarely disappointed me.  While other vinyl companies might be a good deal for a small craft project here and there, when it comes to serious home decorating - there is no better place than UL.  

I really should talk up this company more than I do (or have in the past).  But, truthfully, I didn't sign up to sell it, I signed up to buy it - like I said before I NEEDED the discount.  We were about to buy our first home and my wish list was huge. I found myself thinking about this last week and realized I should share this wonderful company with more people that may have never heard of them before.  So, to kick that off I am happy to announce that this month is free shipping! :) You are welcome. Here's my website if you'd like to poke around or place an order:

Oh and if you'd be interested in putting an Uppercase Living button on your blog or site, I'd definitely allow that and be so so grateful!. :)


Chocolate Drool and Kisses said...

Looks beautiful! I love all the vinyls, most of all the dandilion wall! Thanks so much for sharing at my last week linky party.

Devin and Kimberly Johansen said...

wow!! it looks great!! very cool!