Sunday, May 29, 2011

Easter / Mother's Day Pictures 2011

Mindy and I made arrangements earlier this year to do a fun cousin picture for Mother's Day.  We had lots of fun shopping together to pick out these cute little outfits for everyone to wear.  (Extra special thanks to Mindy for sponsoring both girls skirts!)  They were so stinkin' cute!  
Here's the picture we sent to my Mom and Grandma:

Here's the darling girls in their matching skirts: (Cora is 9 and Jill is 10 months old here)
Another one Mindy snapped of just Jill -  
I squish and kiss those fat cheeks everyday.
Easter was also a wonderful day.  Dave's parents were here that day and we snapped this cute picture of the Grandparents with their cutest Grandkids.
Just so happened that Jill's Easter dress was the same color as 
Charlie's shirt from the cousin pictures, so it was just perfect!
My Mom graciously purchased Jill's Easter dress this year - 
and I think she looks like such a doll! Thanks, Mom!
This is the best sibling picture I got - - Charlie sure loves his little sister!

And the bunny pictures-  - Jill scrunches up her nose all cute like this occasionally and 
I was lucky enough to capture it on camera - while wearing bunny ears mind you! 

I have a few posts in the works to get caught up!  So, Google readers beware!

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Julie said...

Cute dress! Spencer even commented on it when we saw her last week. He must be a dad to little girls!