Wednesday, June 1, 2011

As of late...

 The kids have started playing together a bit - Usually only lasts a few minutes, but I'll take it.
 Jill turned 11 months old!
 The weather has started getting into the 90s so Jill is now sporting her new summer wardrobe.
 She has become more aware of her surroundings - especially her big bows - she has started to take them off every time I put them on - but I don't back down - they go right back on!  In the end, I usually win. For now at least.  ;) 
Still waiting for her long hair to come in.  Maybe next month?  She does have 2 little teeth on the bottom finally, so atleast she's not a total hillbilly.
We love her to pieces!
 For Mother's Day, Dave planted 6 rose bushes for me - all different colors.  I love them!!!  We also planted a couple more citrus trees since I took this picture.  I can't wait until everything matures and it looks nice and full back there.

 I had Bunko at my house a few weeks ago.  Good times had by all - I really have such wonderful friends here!
I am so grateful.

That sums up the gist of what's been going around here!  

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