Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jill's Baby

Jill's sweet cousins gave her this cute little baby for her birthday.
 To say she likes the baby would be an understatement.  It's definitely LOVE.
 We swear she has even started saying the word "ba be!" If I ask her where her baby is, she immediately starts scanning the room.  She must keep tabs on her at all times.
 She hugs the baby, pats the baby's back, and rocks it back and forth with the hugest smile on her face. This picture below is of her rocking the baby - the best I could get - the other one's I took were too blurry with her rocking back and forth).
Big thanks to Brian & Mindy for the new baby doll - there couldn't have been a better toy for Jill!!  Looks like we have a little (almost 1 year old) Mommy on our hands!


Krizia Kirchhausen said...

so cute! she is getting so big! miss you guys!

Jenni Johansen said...

Thanks, Kirzy! MISS YOU TOO!!!

Michelle said...

Can't believe she's almost 1!!! What a good lil mommy she is :)