Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Arriving in Sacramento

 From LA, I flew up to Sacramento with the kids to visit for a few days before Dave would join us.  We spent our first couple days hanging out just us girls.  The kids were spoiled by their super fun aunts: Kim and Danielle.  Grandma Diana introduced Jill to her favorite food - corn on the cob.  Jill didn't hesitate to dig right in.
 Diana made 3 new DARLING little outfits for baby Jill for her birthday.  Here's Jill modeling one of them.  The ruffles and the matching hats were all just too cute.  Almost too cute to handle.  Jill loved dressing up, I think.
 Another great highlight was overlapping a few days with Great-Grandma Johansen (Dave's Dad's Mom) who was also there visiting in Sacramento for the first few days we were there.  She had never met Jill, so it was neat to introduce the two and get some cute pictures of them together.

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Krizia Kirchhausen said...

cute! jill is getting so big! love the little outfit and hat!