Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LA Trip - last post!

 To round out the trip, we visited my Mom's new apartment and took some pictures nearby at a cliff that overlooks the ocean.  It was very overcast that day, but that is not uncommon there.  Charlie had fun swimming at her place and watching a movie.  Jill took a nap on the floor of my Mom's room on a blanket.  No pack-n-play - just laid her on the blanket and she went to sleep.  She was so tired, she slept for over 2 hours like that.  I was surprised that she slept without the pack-n-play.  She must have been just exhausted.
I stayed with my Grandparents who always spoil me and the kids so much when we visit.  At a recent garage sale, my Grandma scored a collection of the chevron cars that were popular years ago.  She gave the whole set to Charlie and he loves them and still plays with them all the time!  My Grandma was also a big help in planning Jill's birthday party.  She bought balloons and helped with most of the food.  She's one of a kind and I'm very grateful.

Well that sums up our trip!  We love going to visit my family and look forward to our next trip in October!  I'm well on my way to catching up this ol' blog on all of our summer fun!  Next up: Sacramento!

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