Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LA Trip Continued: Adventure City & The Fair

 My last full day in LA was Monday June 27th (Jill's actual birthday).  We spent most of the day at Adventure City having lots of fun and adventure!  It was the perfect amusement park for little kids.  Just tons of kiddie rides and good greasy food.  They also had an entire play area devoted to Thomas the train. 
Needless to say, it was a big hit for a certain someone in our group.
The highlight for Jill was inside their petting zoo where she had an opportunity to ride a goat.  
Not everyone can say they have ridden a goat.  Our kids are just lucky like that.
Also worth mentioning was our fun stint at the Riviera Village Fair in Redondo Beach.  It was on Saturday and we had fun checking it out before we headed over to Karen's wedding.  Charlie of course loved the airplane ride!  I think he rode it 8 times.  The slide was also a big hit.  My Mom was brave enough to go with him.  They had lots of fun!

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