Monday, September 5, 2011

Jill's 1st Birthday

On Sunday June 26th (the day before Jill's real birthday) we had a really fun family birthday party for Jill in Kenny & Kristy's backyard.  My grandparents, Mike, Millie, Oliver, my Mom, Aunt Judy and Steve, and Sadie the dog all came to make it a very special day for us!  Unfortunately, Dave had to be in Arizona and missed out on the fun, but Charlie and I made sure to take lots of pictures for him.
 Jill was in LOVE with Sadie.  She just followed her the whole time.  She really really loves dogs!  She just is so friendly to them and has no fear at all, which she definitely didn't get from me.  I'm not an animal person. Not even a little bit.  But it was so cute to watch her, that it had me ALMOST entertaining the thought of getting a dog one day.
We had a yummy BBQ with hamburgers, watermelon, and chocolate cupcakes.
We then hopped into Kenny's pool for a nice swim.  Jill and Charlie sure loved swimming with Uncle Kenny!  I was lucky enough to borrow my Mom's awesome black and gold swimsuit since I forgot mine. 
We definitely felt super spoiled as Jill opened up all her presents.  New clothes, dolls, a swimsuit, and books.  Her favorite present though (hands down!) was her new baby doll from Grandma Lynn.  It makes cute little noises when you put the binky in its mouth and give it hugs.  Jill even took a few sucks off the binky just to make sure it was a good one.  It was really cute to watch her be so in love with her new doll!!
All in all, it was a super fun birthday party!  I am so grateful to my wonderful family who made it such a special day with really fun memories that I won't soon forget.  Happy Birthday baby Jill!  We love you!

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