Thursday, August 25, 2011

California Trip - Karen's Wedding

The very next day (after the Humanitarian Aid activity) I boarded a plane with the kiddos to fly to LA to visit my family for a few days. A highlight of this trip was being able to attend my childhood friend's wedding, Karen Tuttle. She was a beautiful bride and the wedding and reception was SO fun! It was so great to see her and many other friends and family.

Karen and I grew up not even 1 block away from each other.  I have fond memories of sleepovers, TP wars, and their awesome house at Halloween time.  They always had the BEST decorations.  Our parents are very close friends (my Dad and Karen's Dad went to high school together).  Even though we are a far distance apart at this point in our life, the Tuttle's will always be close to my heart and people I look foward to seeing every time I go to California to visit.
This is my older brother Kenny holding his niece and nephew. (Jill from his side of the family (me obviously), and Carson from his wife, Kristy's, side of the family).  Carson and Charlie had fun digging in the dirt outside of the reception.  Kristy is cousins with the Tuttle's which always makes it extra fun for our families to get together.  Everyone sure loves Uncle Kenny!
 Charlie had to have a time out for throwing rocks.
 Jill during the reception.  This is a famous position for Jill - binky in mouth, hand on head.  She ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS rubs her head when she gets her binky. It's her own unique little trick.  
It's quite possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen. 

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Julie said...

I love that you got a picture of Jill rubbing her head! :)