Thursday, August 25, 2011

Humanitarian Aid

In my church, I am currently the "Provident Living Leader".  This is a really great assignment for me since I really don't like to shop and I'm known for being such a penny pincher.  Are you laughing yet?  (Someone must be playing a very funny joke on me).  Needless to say, I'm definitely learning and growing a lot. :)  Anyway, I was asked to help organize an activity earlier this summer and we decided it was time for a little service project.  I called the Humanitarian office in Salt Lake to see what we could do, and found that they are currently in need of wooden toy blocks that they give to children in orphanages around the world who have nothing to play with.  We were able to have over 1000 pieces of wood cut and sanded by a handful of men in our ward.  As sisters, we then got together for a night of painting.  The blocks we completed that night are lined on the stage behind us.  They will be dropped off at our local Deseret Industries who will then truck them back to SLC where they can be distributed from there.

If you aren't familiar with the LDS Humanitarian Services, you should be.  They are constantly doing good for the world we live in and are always in need of our help.  This is just one very small project they had available for us to choose from.  You can see what they are currently up to by clicking here: LDS HUMANITARIAN SERVICE.

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