Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lake Tahoe: Emerald Bay Hike

 During our trip to Sacramento, we ventured up to Lake Tahoe for a week with the Johansen fam.  We stayed at a really nice condo in Tahoe Keys that was just a few steps away from the lake as well as a little park and pool.  I thought it was the perfect location.  One day, we decided out to go on a hike at Emerald Bay.  We drove for a little bit to get there, but the view was worth it. 
 Dave's cousin Mike and his family came along as well.  Their daughter Morgyn really loved to help me take care of Jill, she was too cute!  Charlie preferred riding on his Dad's shoulders during the hike.  And I preferred having Cody push me in the stroller. 
 The hike brought us to this sandy beach.  This is only picture I got of the little bay.  I call it my Where's Waldo picture - can you spot Charlie in his red/white striped shirt?  ;)

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