Sunday, September 18, 2011

Angora Lakes Hike

My FAVORITE hike (notice I am using the word "hike" and "favorite" in the same sentence) was our hike to Angora Lakes also during our trip at Lake Tahoe.  The hike was not very long (point 1) and it ended at a beautiful lake that had little row boats for us to ride around in (point 2) AND it served world famous lemonade (point 3).  Very kid friendly hike I thought.
 Family picture in front of one of the Angora Lakes.

While in our row boat, Dave decided to jump off of a rock into the freezing cold water! (Notice the snow is still not finished melting)  It wasn't long until Devin decided to join him in the fun.  Grandpa helped me hold the kids while their Dad was off being crazy.
Following in his Dad's footsteps, Charlie had to get in on the jumping action as well.  Once he felt the cold water though, he wasn't such a fan.  Jill was a good sport about the whole adventure. :)  I think we all had a really fun time!  It really was a great hike!

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Dave Johansen said...

That picture of Charlie's face on the rock is classic and Jill was a little trooper. Maybe we'll have to start doing more hikes.