Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our li'l trip - just us!

Toward the end of our trip in Sacramento, Dave's parents graciously babysat the kiddos for us for a couple of nights.  We decided to go to Great America and then drive down to San Francisco and see a few sights.  Coincidentally, Danielle's husband, Jon, was working an internship at Google over the summer.  We were lucky enough to take the Google grand tour with him as our guide.  He treated us to lunch one day (which was absolutely delicious, healthy, yummy, and endless I might add).  We also got to check out the nifty little google bikes that are all over their campus.  They are super cute - and I may have taken one for a quick ride just because I couldn't help myself.  But, what impressed me the most, was how many car plug ins they have! Holy cow, can you say Prius?!  They were everywhere - in almost every Google parking lot I saw.  We also stopped by the Android Temple on their campus as well.  We actually got the camera out at that point - so those are the pictures you'll see there.  I can't believe we didn't get one picture of Jon & Danielle - bummer!  They were super generous and we really enjoyed hanging out with them.
After the Google adventures, we continued down to San Francisco. Dave and I had never stopped to see the Golden Gate bridge before, so we really enjoyed checking that out finally.  It sure is impressive!  The red cylinder Dave is standing next to is the exact size of the "strings" that seem to hold the bridge up.  Neither of us realized how big those things were.  Pretty crazy!
We also hit the Golden Gate Park where we foolishly rented a double bike to ride around.  We made the same mistake in Catalina a few years ago.  Riding a bike is hard work - more effort than I really want to put forth on a vacation. BUT, to be totally honest I think I was a pretty good trooper.  Dave will even admit that he complained more than I did about it.  But, I will admit that every now and then I realized I hadn't been pedaling for a few minutes.  whoops!  :)
Also noteworthy was our wild goose chase to find the real "full house" house.  Not just the 4 houses they show at the beginning.  Those are the houses just behind Alamo Square where the intro would show the family having a picnic.  We saw that - and that's definitely cool too.  But, the actual house that was depicted as the front of their home is what I was after.  After some pretty good blog researching on my phone during our drive, I found the address.  It was actually only a few blocks away from the picnic spot.  We pulled up right in front of it - and right as we did a lady stepped out of the front door to grab her paper.  That ruined my idea of standing on her porch for a picture.  So, I settled for the chopped off head look inside the car - with the house behind me.  I'm pretty sure we were correct too, because a car pulled right behind us just a few minutes later with their camera out as well.  I'm not the only one who wanted to be Stephanie Tanner when I grew up.
At the Google Android Temple.  Dave is hugging and kissing the Android phone.  Are you surprised?

We rounded out our trip by visiting Dave's old roommate Bryce and his family.  They live in the bay area, and we couldn't have gone all that way without saying hello!  But, we did leave without a picture with them, bummer.  Every few years, we get a chance to see them and it's always a really fun time.  Bryce and Dave have a pretty rich history that really is entertaining to hear them talk about.  All in all, we had such a fun time together - just us! Thanks again to Grandma & Grandpa Johansen for letting us sneak away for a few nights! :-)


Hoenes Family said...

Okay, how cool is that, that you got to see the real Full House!? What a fun little getaway!

Michelle said...

When we were in San Fransisco we saw the park where the Tanners were eating the picnic too...we never found their real house though! I loved Stephanie Tanner too :)