Friday, April 20, 2012

Desert Museum/Grandma & Grandpa come visit

Dave's parents came out to visit in February and since it was good weather, we figured it was time we took them to the Desert Museum.  We hadn't been in a long time, so we made sure to get everyone's ear pictures taken in the bat cave.  Jill barely obliged and Charlie wasn't interested, but they always make for fun pictures.
 Charlie loved checking out all of the animals, and the views of the desert were very pretty.
 They have a special kids area for excavation.  Jill got very into it wanted to put on the glasses, hold the brush and everything.  She was a cute a little digger!  She also loved the up close view of the cougar!  A little BYU fan already. :)  We are so proud.
Since it was close to Valentine's Day, Grandma baked up some heart shaped sugar cookies for her and the kiddos to decorate.  Charlie LOVED that.  They were also able to come to church with us and enjoy a nice Sunday together.  We always enjoy having them come to visit!

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