Friday, April 20, 2012


At the beginning of February, Dave asked me if we could go up to our Bishop's house on the ranch to do some shooting.  I said, sure - it's not really my thing but I figured I could support him.  Well - little did I know - he had arranged a lesson for ME to learn to shoot.  Apparently, the Bishop was giving lessons that day and Dave thought I needed one.  When we got up there a few other friends from our ward were there including Brian and the bubs.  who knew?  not me!  Anyway, I took the lesson and shot quite a few different guns for my first time.  He had a big paper target that was shaped like a person.  I learned I don't think I could've killed the guy but I definitely would've scared him!  Maybe one day I'll feel comfortable buying my own gun.  For now, I'm not ready yet. :)  The Bishops's wife has this cute little gun that she can carry in her pocket when she goes walking.  It seriously is just cute.  You shoot, it goes bang, and there's no kick back. It's adorable.  If it comes in pink, that might be what I need. 

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