Friday, April 20, 2012

Jill being a Jill

Jill is super cute and does lots of little Jilly things everyday.  In January, we captured her doing the following:
 She insisted on going pee pee one day after Charlie and I went.  So, reluctantly I plopped her up there and would you believe that she actually peed?  I was impressed, but knew better than to think she was trained.  Hasn't happened again since (and I still plop her up there when she asks).  :0)  I haven't started to really potty train her yet.  Though, I know it's coming soon - she talks a bit about it  going "potty" and is showing interest.  I've bought the underwear and pull-ups but haven't mustered up enough courage to start training her yet.  I think I'll wait until this next baby comes and I have more time.  That was a joke by the way. ;)
 Every day or so I pull out Charlie's preschool workbooks for him to work on and she sits up at the table with us and thinks she is just as big as him.  She really loves to color.  Must be a girl thing.  I don't remember Charlie loving to color as much as she does at her age.
 Aaaaand her she is being a monkey. All of our children are climbing monkeys.  They know where the chairs are and they know how to use them.  Can't take my eye off her for 1 second!
She loves helping Daddy push the mower!

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