Sunday, April 22, 2012

Family Time February - February & March 2012

 We celebrated Tucson's famous Rodeo Days by attending Storytime at our Library where all the kids got to make cowboy hats.  Charlie and his cute friend Caylee had lots of fun!
 We go to McDonalds about once a week.  This particular trip, Jill and Charlie spilled something and actually started cleaning it all up without being asked!  Proud moment! Had to take a pic.  Yep, Charlie is wearing his McQueen costume.  He wore it everyday that week.  Had to peel it off of him so I could finally wash it!
 Building GeoTrax that go all around our family room. 
 We got an XBOX and Kinect  - Charlie loves playing the game!  It's much more interactive and physical than your traditional video games so I'm hoping we'll get good use of it in the summer when it's too hot to go outside and burn off energy,
 We went to the Zoo with our friends Kristin and Avery (who I sadly didn't get a pic of).  Jill really wanted to swim with the fishies that day at the pond.
 We finally found a nice - not too windy - day to launch our model rockets.  Our friends, the Quinn's, joined us and the kids had fun chasing the rockets wherever they landed.  Thanks to Grandpa for providing all of the materials for this fun day!
 On St. Patrick's Day, Dave got up with the kids and made green waffles!  They loved it!  But more importantly they love him!  Charlie really looks up to his Dad and I love how this picture captures that.
 OK - this one is a little inappropriate - BUT - had to share.  When we are out and about as a family we often make use of the "family bathrooms" at malls and stuff.  I just think it's hilarious how many toilets and places there are to sit for everyone!  I did ask Dave for permission to take the pic - I told him I'd crop it to be more modest.  It's literally a Zoo in there when all of us are taking care of business at the same time.  This time it really made me laugh  - just seeing Jill sitting up there & sucking her binky thinking - well I guess this is just how things are! Yep, Jill - you're right.  And it's about to get worse!
 We attended a special Easter storytime at Anamax Park.  After the stories, they had real baby bunnies and chicks for all of the kids to pet.  Charlie and Jill both loved it!
 We had Cora, Carter, and Wyatt over for Conference on Sunday!  They all got super excited to hear the prophet speak.  The kids had a lot of fun playing together - we'll be so sad when they move.
We went to Charlie's friend - Parker's - 4th Birthday party.  Marianne planned a super cute Spiderman party.  The kids enjoyed playing at the park, hitting the pinata, and the other fun games. 

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