Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs - April 2012

 Charlie was SO SO SO excited to dye Easter eggs this year.  He asked about 159 times when we were going to do it.  We finally decided to do it on our weekly family night.  We bought the "glitter" eggs package.  I'm never buying that one again.  It was a mess.  Not a fan of all the glitter that ended up everywhere, and I don't think the kids really cared that they were glittery anyway.  At the store, I saw these neat cups that were supposed to be "no spill" egg dying cups.  Also a bust.  From now on, we'll just stick to the traditional method of cups and spoons.  We started with 15 eggs and ended with 12 - a few cracked casualties from dropping them too hard into the cups - but not too shabby. Overall a success!  Everyone was smiling and having fun the whole time.  Jill and her chubby cheeks - she was really into it.  :)

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