Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Fun in California...

While in LA, we took the kids to do a few fun activities.
 Our first adventure was the tide pools in San Pedro.  My Mom was able to join us which was really fun.  Low tide was at 4pm that day which was perfect for taking the kids.  We saw starfish, crabs, fishys, anemones, etc..  I also spotted some dolphins jumping in the waves.  I tried to point them out to Charlie, but he had a hard time seeing.  Beautiful scenery, it was fun to go back.  I remember going here as a kid.  Still very fun!
 On Monday, we went to Redondo Beach -home sweet home- to let the kids play in the sand and feed the birds.  It wasn't quite warm enough to swim - that perfect 75 degree weather was great for a nice stroll though.
 Family pic at Torrance Beach

 Our trip to the beach wouldn't have been complete without a visit to the Redondo Pier to see Georgette.  She is a Great White that was caught off of our coast and has been preserved for your viewing pleasure.  They keep her behind glass in this dark room inside of this souvenir shop on the Pier.  You have to pay like a dollar to check her out.  Worth every penny (and probably no more).  For some reason, the tour guide is always a grouch - this time was no different!  Charlie didn't love the experience.  One day he will appreciate Georgette like I do.

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