Thursday, May 3, 2012

Getting ready for baby!

 We got the cradle set up over the weekend.  Jill is pretty sure it's for her and her baby dolls.
Us last Sunday - I'm 39 weeks pregnant here. Gettin' huge!  Everyone says "I've dropped" but I just carry pretty low.  The doctor thinks there is a 50/50 chance I'll go past my due date (which is this Sunday May 6th).  Jill was born a couple days after her due date, so I'm just trying to enjoy these last few days!  The kids are trying really hard to put me into labor.  I posted this status update on fb 2 days ago and it's worth posting here so I can remember it in the future: one of those really not fun Mommy moments.
My wonderful 2 kids tried to put me into labor today (unsuccessfully). Jill put T.P. in the bathroom sink and then proceeded to flood the bathroom and part of the kitchen (all in the 4 minutes I was ironically looking up water toy tables on Amazon). During all of the excitement, Charlie pooped in his underwear (TWICE!) - which he hasn't done in ages. Took 11 towels to clean up the flood. I think now I just want to go to the hospital to be away from my kids.

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